Transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and in China

Special Issue "Regional Resilience – Opportunities for Sustainable Development in Times of Crisis"

Message from the Guest Editors

We welcome contributions from a wide spectrum of disciplines. Statistical analyses and investigations about regional implications of crises as well as studies related to mitigation and adaptation policies and strategies and related governance issues. With more detail, three guiding topics shall be central to the discussion of this Special Issue of Sustainability:

  1. Exploring regional disparities (within countries) of the emergence of crises and their implications: Why does this happen? Which data can be used? Which empirical evidence do we have regarding the
    reasons for regional disparities?
  2. Understanding crisis management: What functions, powers, and responsibilities do regional authorities
    have to react? How do they use them? How do they communicate with the regional public?
  3. Demonstrating opportunities for ways out of crisis: Do regional stakeholders intend to “bounce back”
    to a former stage? Or do they use new windows of opportunities for fundamental changes that may be
    favourable to sustainable development?

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Müller
Dr. Paulina Schiappacasse
Guest Editors


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Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2021.